Taiwan Hostfamily Program
Application Form
- as shown on passport
Given Name (First name)
Middle Name
Surname (Last name)
Chinese Name
Student Status Bachelor's Degree Master's Degree Ph.D. Degree Exchange Student
Chinese Language Student Other:
Level of
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Passport or ARC Number
Cell Phone Number
Birthdate (YYYY/MM/DD) / /
Gender Female
Participants under 20 years old: Please provide your legal guardian’s name to assist us
to arrange your travel accident insurance:
Relationship: (e.g. father)
Do you receive Taiwan Scholarship or Huayu Enrichment Scholarship while studying in Taiwan? No Yes
Are you an overseas Chinese Student? No Yes
When do you expect to complete your course in Taiwan? / / (YYYY/MM/DD)
Smoker No Yes
Allergies No If yes, please specify:
Dietary Restrictions No If yes, please specify:
Special Requests No If yes, please specify:
After completing this form, please click “Submit ” and download the application form. The system will also automatically send the registration form to your mailbox for filing.
Please print out the registration form and complete the paper form, including the seals of school organizing personnel and unit division. Scan or photograph the form then send via email to hostfamily@stust.edu.tw before th, to complete the application procedure.
To participant:
1. Complete the application form doesn’t mean you can participate in this activity. The final result will be sent to your email. Please make sure your email is correct and wait for the notification patiently.
2. You are responsible for your personal expenses and transportation costs to the meeting point.
3. Please participate in the activity entirely and do not leave your host family without notice.
4. I fully understand and agree to abide with all the requests. I promise that all the information I provide is correct, and I hereby agree that Taiwan Hostfamily Program can use my photos which are taken by Taiwan Hostfamily Program in the activity.
Applicant’s Signature: Date:
To school administrators/teachers:
We will match a host family with this student in this activity and we hope that they can build a good relationship and have further interactions though this experience. You are hereby requested to provide timely assistance if your foreign students have further contact with their host families or participate in host family’s activities in the future.
Thanks for your cooperation!
Office staff
Signature: Date:
(Seal of the office)